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Love (by Paulina Pacyna)

Napisano: 2002-05-15 15:10:46

Love is like raising a wall.
But how can the wall stand against the pressure of water,
If but half of its bricks are hard enough?
Unearthly tail is required
For a man of young age
To keep on loving and building endlessly,
As once -- carelessly,
As previously -- without limits.

Love is like walking along a lane, a narrow path
The two of us, forever together
To live, to laugh and to hurt each other
With longing, loving, with words and charm,
Laughing, breathing, grieving, being,
Suffer must those in love, punished
With their whole, long, damn life.

Yesterday -- recently I closed my eyes
Full of water that fixes my wall.
Blood from the heart runs down the bricks,
Painting a strange pattern.
Another brick in the place of heart
Appeared and cannot to be removed,
A sign of everlastling love,
Never can I break off with it.

It's hard to build future alone,
Without You.
To buy chocolate, coffee
Living without You.
Silently looking above,
How many stars in the sky
Remind the holes in my wall.
And I'm but to go on living feeding with water and bread,
Without You,
Without You...

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