The another day - Michał Sternadel The another day

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The another day

Napisano: 2004-01-09 23:29:34

The time is ticking,
Everything smells good,
The last thing went from there,
The sky is hooded by rainbow.
In the tear like honey,
The shroud of feeling becomes a lie.

I want You to come along that way,
To find a new day -- the last day.
The hunter had hunted my soul,
Some paints of blood have left in Your eyes.
Where are my dreams from childhood?
You stole all, how did You could?

Every place, where I can find me,
Is empty, without a sound,
My scream make this place grow,
But not for a long.
When I'll find what I was looking for?
Where is that place, sunny, smelling and hot?

Stars from the sky disappear forever,
Like a smile from my face.
The only one way to save one of them
Is to blow the fucking Earth.
And then never find a way,
A real way to another day.

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