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The Truth

Napisano: 2002-12-17 00:14:56

Lately I cought my tear in my hand, for You.
I held it and it was so hot... It reminded of
All my hard days, all the truth.
And my tear was surounded
Only with my lazy fingers, wet from pain,
And I was touched only by the rain.

Lately I gave You a tear from my hand,
You didn't understand.
And only my dog licked my fingers up...
I was waiting for Your smile.
And nothing else has to be done,
Just a little smile.

Sometimes I want to kill myself with a knife
Because I know, that I will not have a wife
In Your lips, in Your eyes, in Your heart,
I am an intruder like in a sea, a seed of sand.
I have to agree to it, but I can't,
I have to be just a little friend.

When You're gone, I'm starving myself, eating only cold snow,
Thinking about You, about me and You, lying on a flowered meadow.
Hot sog stayed only from the reality,
My heart is beating with impunity.
I was happy, when I was young,
Now, my life is like dung...

Z dedykacją dla Pauliny P.

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